Focus Groups

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We appreciate those who joined us in 
focus groups for The Way Forward.

​We appreciated those who took the time to visit with us on Monday, Oct. 8​. In these small-group interviews, we asked people about their perceptions, opinions beliefs and attitudes about the future of the Rockwood School District.​​ Overall, common themes among focus group participants included these top priorities: 

  • Students need to develop critical thinking skills.
  • Students need opportunities for exploration. This includes exploration in curricula and interests connected to potential careers, as well as assessment that offers authentic experiences.
  • Students need to understand themselves as a person and a learner. They need to be able to answer the questions: What are my unique interests? How do I learn best? How do I advocate for myself?
  • Students need to develop empathy. It is important that students have the ability to converse and communicate with others in a responsible, respectful manner.
  • Rockwood needs to focus more on the process, rather than the product. It's vital that parents understand the learning process in order to see their child's growth. It includes​ much more than a final grade or end product. ​

Download the entire report​ submitted to our goal leaders of the Way Forward subcommittees. Questions? Contact Rockwood Communications at (636) 733-1144.

Thank you for your support of and involvement with the Rockwood School District.​

 Have Questions?

​If you have questions about The Way Forward, ple​ase call the Communications Department at (636) 733-1140.​​

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Would you like a copy of the entire focus group report? Take a moment and please download.​​