Community Networks

​​​Community Networks

Build community, business and university partnerships to expand innovative, experiential and real-world learning and mobilize community resources.

Goal Leader
Dr. Shelley Willott - Assistant Superintendent Learning and Support Services
Objective: Collaborate to develop a SHARED VISION AND SYSTEMATIC APPROACH for increasing community partnerships.
  • Establish a process to engage businesses and universities in preparing students for life after high school.
  • Form an advisory council that includes stakeholders who meet regularly to review and evaluate needs, discuss trends, and make adjustments accordingly.
Objective: SUSTAIN AND EXPAND PARTNERSHIPS that meet the needs of students, staff and families.
  • Develop community and business partnerships that support mentorships and learning opportunities.
  • Foster the development of leadership through community service and partnerships.
  • Collaborate with local agencies and external partners to provide social and emotional learning support to our school community.