Efficiency and Effectiveness

​​​Efficiency and Effectiveness

Cultivate an environment of efficient and effective business operations, school facilities management, programming and fiscal responsibility.

Goal Leader
Mr. Paul Northington - Rockwood Chief Financial Officer
Objective: Maintain a comprehensive FACILITIES PLAN that is reviewed annually to support student learning.
  • Monitor future enrollment growth and building capacity in schools.
  • Address storage capacity needs within our child nutrition services, learning support and curriculum, technology and warehouse.
  • Conduct a needs assessment to adapt innovative spaces in our school buildings and allow flexibility for traditional and modern learning environments.
Objective: Maintain fiscal responsibility by supporting a BALANCED BUDGET.
  • Maintain fund balance reserves as defined by board policy.
  • Communicate and educate our community on debt service levy transition plan.
  • Continue to communicate with transparency our financial data.
  • Develop a long-term plan for efficient management of school buses.
  • Explore opportunities for new revenue sources.
Objective: Maintain a comprehensive TECHNOLOGY PLAN that is reviewed annually to support student learning.
  • Establish processes to evaluate digital tools and sunset those no longer needed.
  • Fund technology staffing and professional learning to support skilled network administration, database administration and cyber security.
  • Transition hardware purchases from bond issue to operating/capital via debt service transition plan.
  • Separate funding of the district’s cycle maintenance and refresh from innovative projects.