Staff, Teachers and Learners

​​​​Staff, Teachers and Learners

Recruit, attract, develop and retain outstanding staff to provide the best instruction and leadership opportunities for all students.​

Goal Leader
Dr. Katie Reboulet - Assistant Superintendent Human Resources
Objective: Develop a system to RECRUIT AND RETAIN top talent.
  • Ensure our workforce represents the diversity of the students and community we serve.
  • Host a quarterly meeting for substitute or volunteers where we provide information on university and teaching certification programs.
  • Utilize technology to develop innovative application and recruitment strategies.
  • Expand relationships with post-secondary institutions to support recruitment of quality teachers.
  • Expand new teacher/staff mentorship.
  • Provide internships for high school and college students (one year-long).
  • Create an Individual Development Plan for every employee for professional development, which will help train employees for other positions and to fill positions for future.
  • Develop incentives for hard to fill jobs, such as school bus drivers.
Objective: Provide TEACHER and PRINCIPAL EVALUATION systems that align with the district strategic plan.
  • Conduct audits of the Teacher Evaluation Instrument (TEI) and Principal Evaluation Instrument (PEI) audit to analyze alignment with strategic plan.
  • Implement a plan to incorporate the findings of the TEI/PEI audit.