Student Academic Learning

​​​​Student Academic Learning

Develop ​meaningful student learning experiences that encompass higher-level thinking, creativity and content mastery.

Goal Leader
Dr. Shelley Willott - Assistant Superintendent Learning and Support Services​​
Objective: Create RELEVANT, THOUGHT-PROVOKING, AUTHENTIC learning experiences that engage all students.
  • Create opportunities and support for teachers to connect curricula by designing interdisciplinary experiences and/or project-based learning at all grade levels.
  • Develop and implement a system that supports all students engaging in a senior capstone experience.
  • Foster student curiosity by ensuring that all curricular areas include design thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving and inquiry-based experiences.
  • Maintain a curriculum writing/revision process that ensures coursework is updated frequently enough to reflect skills that will prepare students for the future.
  • Create a personalized, competency-based system of learning and assessment for students grades 6-12.
  • Increase online and blended learning opportunities for students.
Objective: Equip all students with the FLEXIBILITY AND ADAPTABILITY needed to be successful in an ever-changing world.
  • Identify specific life skills to be explicitly taught to all students and embed them in the curriculum.
  • Identify key communications skills Rockwood graduates will possess and develop proficiency scales for each.
  • Ensure students possess the digital communication, digital literacy and digital citizenship skills necessary to engage effectively with others.
  • Provide students with challenging problems that take perseverance and grit to solve throughout the curricula.
  • Develop a media literacy plan that teaches students how to disseminate information and analyze information to determine bias.
  • Create opportunities for students to explore personal interests within the existing curricula.
  • Create courses and learning opportunities within existing curricula that reflect a global perspective.
Objective: Engage all students to take OWNERSHIP OF THEIR LEARNING.
  • Create systems for student goal-setting, self-assessment, and reflection in all coursework.
  • Develop and implement a pre​K-12 scope and sequence for community service and/or service learning that connects to the curriculum.
  • Develop a plan for every student to create a learner profile.
  • Support pedagogical shifts in instruction that promote student voice, choice and collaboration.