Goal Areas

Goal Areas


Student Academic Learning

Develop meaningful student learning experiences that encompass higher-level thinking, creativity and content mastery.

Objectives for Student Academic Learning


Universal Equity, Opportunity, Access

Provide all students access to a broad range of high-quality educational opportunities from early childhood to graduation.

Objectives for Universal Equity, Opportunity, Access


Character and Well-Being

Establish a multi-tiered system of support that provides for the emotional, social, behavioral and physical needs of each student.

Objectives for Character and Well-Being


Community Networks

Build community, business and university partnerships to expand innovative, experiential and real-world learning and mobilize community resources.

Objectives for Community Networks


Efficiency and Effectiveness

Cultivate an environment of efficient and effective business operations, school facilities management, programming and fiscal responsibility.

Objectives for Efficiency and Effectiveness


Staff, Teachers and Learners

Recruit, attract, develop and retain outstanding staff to provide the best instruction and educational opportunities for all students.

Objectives for Staff, Teachers and Learners


Strong Leadership

Advance the mission, vision, core values and goals that define, connect and guide the Rockwood School District.

Objectives for Strong Leadership