Advance the mission, vision, core values and goals that define, connect and guide the Rockwood School District.

Goal Leader:
Dr. Lisa Counts – Assistant Superintendent Supervision of Schools

Objective: Grow District Leadership Capacity

  • Continue to provide shadow and field experience for potential administrators.
  • Provide professional learning for district leaders aligned to strategic plan.
  • Develop a district profile of a leader.

Objective: The Board of Education Governs the Rockwood School District in An Efficient, Effective, And Fiscally Responsible Manner

  • Provide a meaningful superintendent evaluation process that is focused on student achievement and school improvement.
  • Facilitate the implementation of the Rockwood strategic plan.
  • Represent the school community with a unified voice to benefit the students, staff and patrons of the district.
  • Seek feedback from all members of the school community to build trust and guide decision-making.
  • The local board of education, leadership and staff communicate with all stakeholders.

Each objective will be reviewed annually from 2020-2025 to ensure accountability toward the strategic plan. As we move forward, the action steps and strategies may be refined and updated. Rockwood will identify multiple measures of evidence of learning and growth as we meet the future needs of our students and school community.

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