Voices Along the Way

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Way Forward represents Rockwood's commitment to every child, every family and every employee. It's the work of our new five-year strategic plan to set the future direction of our school district.

In fall 2018, we asked our community about the hopes, dreams and aspirations they hold for our students and their education. We wanted to know what our school community thought as we continued to prepare our students for success in learning and life.

Now, we are taking that information,​ asking more questions, listening to experts and each other, and taking an even closer look at what we can do better.

Five Rockwood subcommittees are doing some important ​work as we focus on student success, extraordinary people, caring schools, customized supports and leadership.

Student Success

Student Success video

Safe and Caring Schools

Safe and Caring Schools

Extraordinary People

Extraordinary People Video

Customized Supports

Customized Supports video


Leadership video