Your Involvement: Focus Groups

Thank you!

We appreciated those who took the time to visit with us on Monday, Oct. 8, 2018. In these small-group interviews, we asked people about their perceptions, opinions beliefs and attitudes about the future of the Rockwood School District. Overall, common themes among focus group participants included these top priorities:

  • Students need to develop critical thinking skills.
  • Students need opportunities for exploration. This includes exploration in curricula and interests connected to potential careers, as well as assessment that offers authentic experiences.
  • Students need to understand themselves as a person and a learner. They need to be able to answer the questions: What are my unique interests? How do I learn best? How do I advocate for myself?
  • Students need to develop empathy. It is important that students have the ability to converse and communicate with others in a responsible, respectful manner.
  • Rockwood needs to focus more on the process, rather than the product. It is vital that parents understand the learning process in order to see their child's growth. It includes much more than a final grade or end product.

Thank you for your support of and involvement with the Rockwood School District.

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