The Way Forward: Rockwood School District's Strategic Plan for 2020-2025

The Plan: Rockwood Profile of a Learner

Our Rockwood Profile of a Learner reflects the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our school community. It’s a community-wide vision statement describing what our students should experience throughout their Rockwood education. Our profile is founded on:

  • Access, Opportunity, Equity for all students
  • Teachers and Leaders
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness in our operations

Download a PDF copy of the Profile of a Rockwood Learner

Thinks creatively and critically

  • Innovates for an ever-changing world
  • Problem solves for real-world situations
  • Masters and applies academics for college and career success

Engages thoughtfully and respectfully

  • Builds positive and productive relationships
  • Communicates skillfully and with confidence
  • Demonstrates civility and empathy

Develops strong character

  • Maintains wellness and mindfulness in life
  • Accepts responsibility for personal actions
  • Embraces challenges with motivation and grit

Collaborates with others

  • Contributes to the community
  • Enriches the learning of self and others
  • Interacts with a team and values individual contributions

Explores our world

  • Exhibits limitless curiosity
  • Employs responsible use of digital media and technology
  • Advocates for self, others and the global community