The Process

We live in an ever-changing world that is full of possibilities.

It requires higher-level thinking, creativity, content mastery and innovation. In Rockwood, it's our privilege, challenge and responsibility to ensure all students graduate ready to thrive in this world.

How Will Rockwood Plan for The Future?

This year, we are beginning an important journey. Over the next few months, we are launching a new five-year strategic plan to set the future direction of our schools. The Way Forward represents our commitment to every child, every family and every employee of the Rockwood School District.

As we make our way, we will ask questions, listen, evaluate and take an even closer look at what we can do better. We will create a visionary roadmap that will include the aspirations, goals and priorities shared by our community.

How Long Will This Work on A Strategic Plan Take?

The Way Forward will take us well into the next five years. While this is a long-term process, we are well aware that we don't have all the answers today for how to design every solution we will need over the next few years.

Our Strategic direction will not change over time, but the tactics may change as we learn, monitor and grow. Innovations will emerge from schools over time in response to their own unique improvement needs.

We will use the power of design-thinking to inform our steps. Design-Thinking is a mindset and approach to learning, collaboration, and problem solving. In practice, the design process is a structured framework for identifying challenges, gathering information, generating potential solutions, refining ideas, and testing solutions.



Phase 1: Design and Planning
March 2018

Design the process (Superintendent's Cabinet)

Timelines reviewed and approved (Superintendent's Cabinet)

May 2018

Board of Education presentation (Superintedent's Cabinet)

Budget planning (Superintedent's Cabinet)

Phase 2: Environmental Research and Reporting
June 2018

Plan to align work during Admin Conference and Board Retreat (Superintedent's Cabinet)

Analysis of comprehensive archival data (Superintedent's Cabinet)

July 2018

Utilize data to develop direction (Superintedent's Cabinet)

ThoughtExchange quetsions developed (Superintedent's Cabinet)

Administrative Council share (Communications)

Phase 3: Conduct Research
September 2018

Online engagement launched with Thought Exchange (Communications)

Focus Groups (Superintedent's Cabinet)

Superintendent Meetings (Superintedent's Cabinet)


Phase 4: Strategic Planning 2020-2025
October 2018

Steering Committee develops themes from research (Committee)

Planning Committee champions recruited for each theme (Committee)

Kick-off Strategic Plan with 2020 Vision (Superintedent's Cabinet)

January 2019

Action Plans developed by champions (Committee)

February 2019

Measurements developed by champions (Committee)

March 2019

Roadmap developed by champions

April 2019

Combine champion drafts into strategic plan

May 2019

Feedback cycle (Superintedent's Cabinet)


Phase 5: Communicate
June 2019

Approval by Board of Education (Superintedent's Cabinet)

August 2019

Communication Plan to launch work

How will we measure success?

We will evaluate our already successful school district to see how we can continually improve. This will extend beyond the measures of state testing to look at how our students are learning and growing—academically, physically, socially and emotionally. We will incorporate real-time formative, as well as long-term summative measures to define progress as we achieve our goals.

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