Provide all students access to a broad range of high-quality educational opportunities from early childhood to graduation.

Goal Leader:
Dr. Stephen Hankins – Executive Director Student Services

Objective: Utilize A Systematic Approach to Increase Student Equity, Access and Opportunity

  • Adopt an educational equity statement for the district.
  • Develop a multi-tiered system of support that provides differentiated levels of resources based upon academic, behavioral, social emotional and physical needs.
  • Explore opportunities to support inclusive school environments for all students.
  • Form a subcommittee within Rockwood Learning Council to engage teacher leaders and administrators in the areas of access, opportunity, and equity.
  • Conduct an equity audit.

Objective: Provide A Culturally Responsive Environment for All Students

  • Develop a framework, common language, and supports for teachers, staff and students.
  • Provide employee training on culturally competent and responsive teaching strategies and equity for all identities.

Objective: Empower All Students to Design Personalized Pathways for Their Future

  • Develop a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness plan.
  • Increase enrollment of students from underrepresented populations in advanced coursework and expand supports for their success.
  • Create multiple pathways to a high school diploma, providing students with personalized educational programming.

Each objective will be reviewed annually from 2020-2025 to ensure accountability toward the strategic plan. As we move forward, the action steps and strategies may be refined and updated. Rockwood will identify multiple measures of evidence of learning and growth as we meet the future needs of our students and school community.

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