Goal Areas

S is for...

Student Academic Learning

Develop meaningful student learning experiences that encompass higher-level thinking, creativity and content mastery.

Objectives for Student Academic Learning

U is for...

Universal Equity, Opportunity, Access

Provide all students access to a broad range of high-quality educational opportunities from early childhood to graduation.

Objectives for Universal Equity, Opportunity, Access

C is for...

Character and Well-Being

Establish a multi-tiered system of support that provides for the emotional, social, behavioral and physical needs of each student.

Objectives for Character and Well-Being

C is for...

Community Networks

Build community, business and university partnerships to expand innovative, experiential and real-world learning and mobilize community resources.

Objectives for Community Networks

E is for...

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Cultivate an environment of efficient and effective business operations, school facilities management, programming and fiscal responsibility.

Objectives for Efficiency and Effectiveness

S is for...

Staff, Teachers and Learners

Recruit, attract, develop and retain outstanding staff to provide the best instruction and educational opportunities for all students.

Objectives for Staff, Teachers and Learners

S is for...

Strong Leadership

Advance the mission, vision, core values and goals that define, connect and guide the Rockwood School District.

Objectives for Strong Leadership